#CLMOOC – Introduction, pt. 2. A posse ad esse

I tried easel.ly, but it didn’t suit me and generated too many emails for an already too full inbox. I tried building a Marvel superhero avatar but it was a bit clunky and I kept having to start again. So I decided to rely exclusively on my faithful friend, plain words.

Again, by way of introduction.

I live in Washington, DC, the capital of the United States of America. We are not a state, so I have no representation in the legislative bodies that govern my country. Nevertheless, I pay state and federal taxes. I have no political party, so my vote doesn’t count in our two-party system.

I am married to a loving wife. We have been together for 20 years. I have dragged her around to the various hellholes and arm pits where I have worked and she has always been a trooper, a very present help, and a trusted companion.

I’ve had formal instruction in four languages: French; Spanish; Portuguese; and Arabic. I have more books than bookcases to house them. Along the way I learned how to do stainless steel welding, diesel maintenance, warehouse management, government procurement and contracting, beekeeping, and weather forecasting.

Deep secrets. Poetry. I love reading it. A spirit that comes and goes forces me to write it on occasion. Shelley, Dickinson, Whitman, McKay and Knight are my favorites. I kept my love of poetry in the closet for many years. During my late teenage years I experimented with the Baha’i faith and with a black nationalistic brand of Islam. I am not ashamed of either. Also, as a Boy Scout I earned every merit badge related to nature, conservation, and electronics.

My high school motto was “A posse ad esse,” that is, “from the possible to the actual.”

I retired year before last with 34 years of government service. I work part-time at a local university as a reference librarian.

p.s. How did I leave out music? Perhaps because I haven’t been doing any serious listening lately. Wow, is that ever a metaphor!? Anyway, I played viola as a child and began to internalize the overall majestic feeling of “making one’s own sound.” A local percussionist, Hubert Long, introduced an 8th grade me to jazz, classical jazz, mainstream jazz, modern jazz, free-form and improvisational jazz, and that mere introduction pretty much changed the way I’d view the world from that point on.

Check this out: a project from a sound design class I took 


#CLMOOC – Make Cycle #1: Make with Me: Who Are We?

Who am I this month?

Same as last month, I suppose. My day
starts with a glass of lemon juice I squeeze,
and water, with a bit of bitter zest
thrown in for good measure. I turn on the radio
and the internet router to catch up
on the morning news – the good, the bad.
We make the bed together – the master
and her disciple. I have oatmeal with raisins
and cinnamon. On Sundays & Tuesdays
I go to the community garden – okra, collards
and peppers are waiting to be watered
and weeded. On Wednesdays & Saturdays
I work at the library. And in between, I tweet
more than I Facebook status update, I suppose.