#CLMOOC – Make Cycle #1: Make with Me: Who Are We?

Who am I this month?

Same as last month, I suppose. My day
starts with a glass of lemon juice I squeeze,
and water, with a bit of bitter zest
thrown in for good measure. I turn on the radio
and the internet router to catch up
on the morning news – the good, the bad.
We make the bed together – the master
and her disciple. I have oatmeal with raisins
and cinnamon. On Sundays & Tuesdays
I go to the community garden – okra, collards
and peppers are waiting to be watered
and weeded. On Wednesdays & Saturdays
I work at the library. And in between, I tweet
more than I Facebook status update, I suppose.

7 thoughts on “#CLMOOC – Make Cycle #1: Make with Me: Who Are We?

  1. I love how it begins and ends with “I suppose” because tomorrow you might suppose something else in your daily journeys to listen to news, go to community garden, or visit the library, I suppose. Thanks for linking to napowrimo poem, where we suppose that “Because I found
    my voice years ago I am not invisible, notwithstanding my own delusions of invisibility.” thoughtful knowing we are at the whim of life happening around us. Thanks for sharing both.

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  2. I really liked the tone of the poem, the way it had a musing, pursed lip kind of rhythm to it. Poetry is so powerful and I appreciate seeing an introduction that harnesses that strength.


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