another gear shift

Another gear shift. Transitioned this time from half-time reference librarian to full-time work in archives and record-keeping. Commute is good, 15 minutes from door to door by Metro. Walkable on a nice day. Great restaurants in the area, buffet, Ethiopian, Thai. Grocery shopping in the neighborhood. Great barbershops. And last but not least, just around the corner is the House of Prayer for All People and the cafeteria that, in a different city but the same movement, sustained me when I was a struggling undergraduate.

Still staffing the reference desk on Saturdays (#SaturdayLibrarian) but only until the end of July. So I’ll be looking for a new Saturday past time. Maybe a bookstore. Maybe a museum. I don’t know.

Had a fascinating encounter on the reference desk last weekend. Coincidences (the world is small! Yikes!): An alum was working on a DPhil proposal dealing with an obscure 16th century Sufi philosopher king (Shah Abbas) and the Safavid Dynasty that ruled the Persian Empire for 200 years. She’s applying to my alma mater in London (#SOAS); she works for my former employer (who will remain unnamed); and, hold on to your seats, my Arabic tutor in Cairo was a closeted Sufi sheikh who always talked about the glory days when Sufis were in political charge (who will also remain unnamed!). A very pleasant convergence! 😎 I am going to miss that reference desk! 

Finally (I can’t keep your attention forever!), a new MOOC started that I am participating in, Stoic Mindfulness and Resilience Training. Here is the link if you want to jump in and it might not be too late to join. You just can’t get enough Stoic training these days! Here are links to my favorite Stoic advocate who I discovered during my Navy days, Admiral Jim Stockdale (love that guy!):

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